SecureControls selects Demisto to help develop it's VSOC model

SAN JOSE, Calif. — May 26, 2016 — SecureControls, Inc, a NJ based Managed Security Service Provider has established a partnership with Demisto, Inc., an innovator in Security Operations technology, to leverage Demisto Enterprise to complete the build out of their Virtual Security Operations Center.  SecureControls leverages Demisto to provide intelligent automation with collaborative, human social learning and experience to automate and streamline Security Operations Center productivity and incident management processes.  Since Demisto provides multi-tenant capabilities, security analysts can finally scale their time and effort while working quickly and collaboratively across incidents.

By leveraging Demisto's ChatOps-based platform for ticketing, collaboration, automation and reporting, SecureControls is able to deliver automated investigation, response workflows, and auto documentation of evidence; while providing collaboration and transparency for VSOC management and clients.

“We are excited to adopt ChatOps as the way to run our Virtual Security Operations center,” said Richard Irwin, CTO, SecureControls.  “Demisto Enterprise helps us reduce manual investigation tasks and documentation. It is very hard to find and hire security analysts, so we decided to create a virtual SOC and hire the best talent around the world. Demisto’s approach combines the power of collaboration with automation to deliver unparalleled efficiencies.”

SecureControls Completes the Acquisition of SAAS Provider Seacliff Associates

On April 12, 2016, SecureControls, a Managed Security Service Provider is announcing the acquisition of Seacliff Associates, LLC, an Ocean City, NJ based SAAS provider focused on the educational marketplace.  The acquisition provides SecureControls with a time tested recurring revenue sales and operations team, allowing the SecureControls team to continue focusing on product development, service enablement, and integrating the various components of their Virtual Security Operations Center (VSOC).  Since 2005, Seacliff has been the publisher of the internet properties and and will continue to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Secure Controls, Inc.  Terms of the deal were undisclosed, and the transaction is expected to close no later than August 1, 2016.