Securing IT Systems starts with knowing what you have, understanding what state it is in, and being able to effect change quickly and easily.


Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a highly managed security platform that can rapidly discover, interpret, and protect endpoints for organizations of all types and sizes.

We implement a set of industry best practices, derived from the NIST Cyber Security Framework, to dramatically lower risk and improve an organizations security posture.

“People don’t know their environments 100 percent. They forget about the old machines in the corner that are not on any patch schedule”
— Lawrence Dine, Verizon managing principal for investigative response

What We DO

An MSSP focused on the critical vector of endpoint security.

  • Automated inventory discovery and identification
  • Automated application software discovery and identification
  • Automated Patching and Patch compliance reporting
  • Low performance impact scanning and automated hunting for known indicators of compromise (IOC's)
  • Endpoint forensic collection providing detailed information on incidents to improve awareness and recovery time.
  • 24x7 Monitoring, Support and Service